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Pre-Order FAQs

What is pre-order?

Pre-order allows you to purchase a product before it’s available. By pre-ordering the product you reserve it and ensure that you’re amongst the first to receive the product after its sales start date has passed and it has been made available for purchase. The sales start date shown under the order button indicates the approximate date on which you should be receiving your pre-ordered product.

Why pre-order a product?

Pre-ordering gives you a no hassle, no fuss solution to reserving a product. It ensures that you’re amongst the first to receive your much-anticipated product. But that’s not all. Pre-ordering means you don’t need to queue up at your nearest store on launch date, or wait even longer because your desired product is out of stock. By pre-ordering you’ll have your product conveniently shipped to you as soon as it’s available, thereby guaranteeing that you’ll receive it on launch date or shortly after.

What is reserve now?

When a product is announced we begin by offering our customers the possibility of reserving and pre-ordering that product before the sales start date. The amount of products available for pre-order, however, is limited. This means we can run out of our pre-allocated stock which also means we can’t ensure you’ll be amongst the first batch of customers to receive a pre-ordered product.

In the event that this happens, we’ll still allow you to reserve a product but will only be able to ship it once we’ve received additional stock. We will, of course, provide you with an estimated date of additional stock availability. This additional stock can be reserved as opposed to pre-ordered.

When will I receive my order?

Your order will normally be shipped just before the sales start date/launch date, which means you’ll receive your product on or very shortly after the actual sales start date.

If your order is reserved we’ll ship it to you as soon as we receive additional stock.

Can I combine my pre-ordered purchase with other items?

Of course, but if you want to receive your non-pre-ordered products as soon as possible, we strongly recommend ordering them separately. Ordering your non-pre-ordered products with your pre-ordered products may delay shipment of your entire order. Don’t forget, we offer free delivery on all orders! So it might be wiser to place a separate order for products that are not pre-ordered.

When checking out it said I was charged £0.0, is this correct?

When checking out a pre-order we will initially authorise your card whilst not actually charging you for the order. This is because it might take a few weeks to ship your product and we don’t charge you for that product until we are ready to ship it. To ensure you have sufficient funds before shipment we’ll make sure to notify you via email a couple days before shipping the item to remind you that we’re about to charge your card for the full amount of the order. Both the order summary and the email confirmation will display the total sum of your order. If you don’t have sufficient funds on the card used when we’re due to ship your order, the order will unfortunately be cancelled.

When will I be charged for my order?

We won’t charge you until we’re ready to ship your order. To ensure you have sufficient funds on your card, we’ll notify you via email a few days before we’re about to settle the funds to give you a chance to check that you have sufficient funds before being charged.

Can I amend my order?

Unfortunately, orders cannot be amended after they’ve been checked out. This means we’re unable to change your billing and shipping address after your order has been placed. If you absolutely have to change your order you’ll be required to cancel your existing order and place a new one. This will, however, mean that you might lose your place in the queue and could end up receiving the product you pre-ordered later than initially estimated.

Can I cancel my order?

We understand that there’s always a chance you might change your mind after ordering. In the event that this happens, you may cancel your order before it has been shipped. After your order has been shipped it will no longer be possible to cancel it. That said, you can always return the unwanted items within 14 days from delivery. Just contact our Customer Service Representatives and they’ll be happy to help you return your items.

Can I return my order?

We want you to be thrilled by your Canon purchases. However, if you change your mind and feel that the product you have purchased is not right for you, or for any other reason would like to return your product, you’re more than welcome to do so. Please note that unwanted items have to be returned within 14 days from when they are received. To return your product, please contact our Customer Service Representatives.

What if my card has expired when you’re due to ship the pre-ordered product?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to change payment and shipping details after an order has been placed. This is to protect you from fraud. Your order will be cancelled if your card has expired by the time we try to settle the funds. If your card expires before we’ve notified you that your order has been shipped, please contact us to cancel your original order and place a new one.

Are all products available for pre-order?

No, only selected products are available for pre-order. You’ll see an icon showing what items are available for pre-order on any given product page. After a product has passed its sales start date, pre-order is no longer available for that product.

How can I be sure you’ve received my pre-order?

Once you’ve finalised your order you’ll receive an email confirming that it has been received. The confirmation email will state what products you’ve ordered and the estimated shipping date. If you’ve placed an order but haven’t received a confirmation email within 24 hours, make sure to contact our Customer Service Representatives.